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Talent solution for the Hospitality and F&B industry runs in the veins WATERMARK and is our core competency. We are well informed of the inner workings of the both the front of house and back of house. From our insights, we recognize that it is important to keep attrition rates low in order for the hospitality and F&B industry to have continuous and sustainable growth. WATERMARK works to remedy the cause by ensuring compatibility and fit between candidates and our hiring partners.


Food & Beverage Insights


Urbanization in Malaysia shows that there is a growing middle class of young and educated youths who are becoming busier. Additionally, more women are joining the work force and have less time to cook at home. This has resulting in convenience as a factor in what Malaysians turn to for food. Often times, fast food becomes the first alternative as it is affordable, readily available and the service is speedy.


However, globalization in Malaysia has evolved our lifestyle and interactions with the world around us. Traditionally, healthy eating in Malaysia consists of organic, low fat, low sugar and low sodium foods. However, the new wave of healthy eating consists of juice bars, salad bars and plant based eating. As this phenomenon sweeps across upcoming café culture towns like Ipoh and Penang – we also slowly see the notion of more sustainable methods to appreciating food take form. Farm-To-Table is a sustainable concept that showcases local produce and their complexities. Local Malaysian restaurants like Garden to Table, Roost and A Little Farm On The Hill offer Malaysians a touch of smart indulgence.


The Food Truck movement serves up a whirlwind of both local and International cuisines. The movement is supported by Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur and has opened up new avenues such as ASEAN Young Food Entrepeneurs Conference to encourage entrepreneurship among youth. Food halls are a reinvented idea of traditional hawker stalls. Inspired by the likes of Krog Street Market and Ponce City Market, food halls offer an array of tantalizing foods and a comfortable ambiance – all within one roof.


Molecular gastronomy is becoming more popular in fine dining concept establishments in Malaysia. This has paved way for innovative and creative chefs to adopt it to suit the Malaysian palate.


Food is at the epicenter of Malaysian culture and is part of the Malaysian identity and at WATERMARK we work to keep it alive by offering human power solution(s).

We have successfully provided talent recruitment and consultancy services across all levels of ‘Front of House’ and ‘Back of House’ job opportunities including offshore jobs for the following cuisines.


Molecular Gastronomy

Molecular gastronomy is an innovative box of surprises and is often linked to the likes of Ferran Adria and Heston Blumenthal. It stems from the thoughtful understanding of the physiological changes in food. It is about creating new ways to experience traditional foods – reinventing taste, textural components and presentations be it deconstruction of liquid nitrogen. It encourages innovation to think beyond the plate and the derived experiences are as far as imagination goes.

Fusion Cuisine

Fusion cuisine takes spoonfuls of different culinary worlds and unifying them to create new dishes. The concept of fusion is not as foreign as we may think. In fact when cultures overlap we see new interpretations of classical dishes – think of Dominique Ansel’s Cronut® (a combination of the French croissant and the quintessential American doughnut), spaghetti (without the Italian exposure to Chinese noodles; there is no spaghetti, angel hair or buccatini) and sushiritos (sushi burritos, started out in San Fransisco and is a nod to the strong Asian presence and Mission district).