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Each company has their own ideal candidate in mind when it comes to recruitment – at WATERMARK we tap into our resources to find candidates to fulfill fulltime job, part time job and internship position(s). We make finding a job easy for candidates and streamline the hiring process for our hiring partners.

WATERMARK offers payroll services (BPO) because we recognize that resources are scarce and legal liabilities as well as taxes can be a complicated headache. Many small business owners are realizing that simplifying the payroll process through an outsourced payroll provider helps to streamline the process in a more cost effective and efficient manner. Allowing experts to process allowances, deductions, statutory reports, bank crediting files as well as printed and/or encrypted electronic pay slip lets business owners dedicate their resources to more important aspects of growing the business.

A direct deposit payroll system is convenient and allows employees to be paid quick and accurately. Direct deposit eliminates time consuming and error prone paper handling as well as the need to reconcile individual payroll checks every month – specifically in the Food & Beverage industry with highest attrition rate of employees.

HR Consultancy

We understand the importance of a strong foundation to phase out future HR complexities – so we provide comprehensive HR services under one roof. WATERMARK is able to create dynamic organizational cultures through customized organization design through our outsourced HR consultant services.


We are able to do contracted outsourcing for both local and International HR. We know that with in growing or when mergers and acquisitions occur, employee movement is sometimes a part of it. So we take the complicated equation by ensuring due diligence, compensation and benefits are taken care of by doing it for you – this reduces risks and takes the pressure off your valuable resources.

Hospitality Consultancy

As a recognized hospitality focused HR consultancy, we are experienced in new set up(s) of not only local establishments but also flagships and international franchise brands when it comes to HR. Over the years we have established a strong relationship with the hospitality industry – requiring our participation in kitchen consultancy and also establishment renovations to suit up individual branding conceptually. WATERMARK also works with current affiliate partners to create strategic and compelling marketing and branding.

Training & Employee Development

As a resource based firm, we understand how important HR is when it comes to managing and understanding people. We begin by working alongside our hiring partners to comprehend the culture and structure of the company to create customized employee development program(s) that can include team building, HR skills and knowledge as well as executive coaching. At times, these bespoke programs will include certified direct outsource trainers and coaches.


  • Contract outsourcing (locally / internationally)
  • Direct Contract outsourcing


Talent Outsourcing coverage regional areas & Others:

  • Japan / Australia / Singapore / India
  • Food & Beverage / Information Technology / HR Business Consultant / etc